Sub-surface Site Excavation and Investigation Services

Curious to see if that basement will be able to be constructed?  Worried about bedrock or seasonal high water table?  Give D.L. Howell Environmental, LLC a call to take the guesswork out of your site design.  Numerous builders, real estate agents, and property owners speculate on critical aspects of land development projects, only to find out during the construction process, their ambitious plans have to be adjusted due to unforeseen sub-surface conditions.  Save yourself time and money.  Have a few exploratory test pits excavated throughout your site, or more specifically, where potential homes or buildings are to be placed, to find out exactly what lies beneath the surface.  Having the peace of mind knowing there will not be any delays or additional costs during construction is priceless.  D.L. Howell, Environmental, LLC provides test pit reports identifying soil horizons and depth to any limiting conditions encountered during excavation.

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