Land Planning/ Design

At D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc., we offer a wide range of services to help our clients determine the most viable design potential for residential and commercial property applications. This includes the use of County and Federal Maps, Tax Maps, surveys, and Deed information, in conjunction with Municipal Ordinance reviews to provide a preliminary analysis of properties.  To eliminate a lot of the guesswork and minimize financial commitment, we generate AutoCAD drawings and place proposed developmental ideas on paper for further research.  As projects develop, we use additional design information and more specific regulatory requirements to refine proposed subdivisions, road systems, and building & parking configurations.  We provide a complete grading analysis to balance a site’s fullest potential – minimizing or eliminating the importing or exporting of earthly materials from a site.  We also offer extensive Municipal Ordinance review, which is helpful for our clients seeking relief from sites full of restrictive elements so that we may assist them and ultimately bring their vision to reality.