A site rendering provides a colored plot of a particular site layout where colored shading is used to visually enhance the details of a project so that the general public, as well as township officials, can ascertain the amount of impervious coverage versus “green” areas such as lawns, woods and other undisturbed portions of a property.

In order to create a site rendering, D.L. Howell merges the proposed and existing AutoCAD files are and the individual areas are colored to represent the difference between buildings, paving, sidewalks, grass, meadows and/or woods as well as tot lots, parks and stormwater areas.

The colored rendering of a site really brings into perspective the amount of disturbance, or lack of, to a particular site and help the public decipher the visual nature of a project and the segregation of green areas, open space and woods to the proposed parts of a project such as the buildings, roads and sidewalks.


Marriot Hotel and Office







The Quarry Crossing



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