Site Analysis & Sketch Plan Design

Site analysis is performed to determine the developmental potential of a particular property and/or group of contiguous properties.

In order to complete site analysis, data, such as boundary, topography, and existing features (i.e. woods, streams, ponds, rock outcrops, etc.) is obtained and compared to design criteria and allowable uses permitted in the Zoning, Subdivision & Land Development Ordinances and other applicable regulations.  Information can be acquired in numerous ways such as Tax Records, USGS & County GIS Mapping, internet sites, and available survey data which is then digitally assembled into a sketch plan.

The sketch plan enables a client to consider a property’s relative purchase and/or an acceptable value.   It also assists in creating a proposed layout by which a potential buyer can decide if that particular property fits his/her needs with respect to its intended use.  This is accomplished with minimal financial commitment and eliminates and/or enlightens a buyer to potential pitfalls associated with the property.