Land Development Design & Approval

A Land Development Plan is required for any commercial use that requires new construction or an expansion to existing structures. A Land Development submission to the local municipality requires a development of plans and details to demonstrate how the subject tract would be developed. It also requires that a local municipality review and comment on the development by their Planning Commission and Elected Officials either Board of Supervisors or Board of Commissioners for final approval so that a plan can be recorded.

DL Howell starts many Land Development projects by working closely with the client and their design team including: land use attorneys, traffic engineers, landscape architects, and project architects to develop an overall plan for presentation to the Municipality. During this process DL Howell also works with state and local authorities to approve public utilities and environmental permitting. As part of the Land Development process DL Howell utilizes survey plans and other information to develop a complete set of construction documents and specifications for construction.

DL Howell has designed and had approved numerous projects from simple building additions to complex shopping centers as part of the Land Development process. DL Howell has also worked closely with Municipalities and their Consultants to obtain Final Land Development Approval in a timely manner. In conjunction with a Land Development Approval, DL Howell has also prepared Conditional Use Plans, Special Exception Plans, and plans for Variances.

Land Development Design & Approval

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