Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP Permits)

A Highway Occupancy Plan is a plan required by the Department of Transportation to obtain a Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP).  A HOP is required whenever work is being proposed in the Right-of-Way (R/W) of a State Road.  Work that is typically done in the R/W includes adding or modifying an access point (driveway, new street, parking lot, etc.) or utility work.

A Department of Transportation Survey and Traffic Impact Study (TIS) is completed, and then Highway Occupancy Plans are done based on the work being proposed.  The Plans could require stormwater management design, paving specifications, road profiles, road cross-sections, standard notes and details, pavement marking plans, construction plans, signalization plans.

D.L. Howell has over 12 years of experience working with various Departments of Transportation, securing HOPs throughout the area for various projects.

Highway Occupancy Permit D.L. Howell Civil Engineering

Previous Highway Occupancy Permit Design Projects

West Chester Friends School
A HOP was required for the addition of a library and parking area.  Access to the parking area was off of State Road 100 (High Street) in the Borough of West Chester.  Two separate HOPs were required for this job – one for the access onto the State Road, and one to tie into the public sanitary sewer system located in the State Road.

Parke Mansion Estates (Davis Tract)
A HOP was required for the addition of 232 Townhomes.  Two separate intersections were proposed to access State Road 10 (Church Street) in the Borough of Parkesburg.  This project included the widening of the State Road, the addition of a signalized intersection, the addition of turn lanes, and utility work within the R/W.