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FEMA-Map-Chester-County-PAA FEMA map study is a study used to determine how high the water will rise in a particular water course.  In the study, storm surge levels are determined for the 100-year storm, and the areas within the storm surge are considered floodplains.  This information is then used to determine high risk, flood areas, and whether or not flood insurance will be required for a particular property.

At D.L. Howell, we use a program called HEC-RAS, which allows us to simulate a storm and view the floodplain boundaries.  The program generates a 2-D cross section of a tributary and the flood levels associated with that area of the tributary.  We can then delineate the floodplain boundaries on a map.

We have over 12 years of experience working with FEMA to complete flood plain analysis studies.  We will work our hardest to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Previous FEMA Map Study & Revision Projects

Valley Park
Residential Subdivision located in Chester County, PA, consisting of multiple stream crossings, existing and proposed.

Bailey Station
Residential Subdivision located in Chester County, PA, consisting of stream crossing with the installation of a conspan arch system.

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