Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design

Erosion and Sedimentation control prevent erosion on construction sites and discharge sediment-laden water (muddy water) onto adjacent properties and roads.

For small disturbance areas, the contractor must install a silt fence along the property’s perimeter and a tire scrubbing rock construction entrance.

For large disturbed areas, a sediment basin or trap, coupled with a silt fence or filter sock and rock construction entrance, must be installed at the bottom of the construction site. The sediment basin collects and stores the sediment-laden water to settle the sediment out of the water and eventually discharges clean water from the sediment basin or trap.

These above-listed erosion controls, coupled with a detailed, step-by-step construction sequence, adequately prevent erosion and sediment discharge onto adjacent downstream properties.

D.L. Howell has years of experience with various Conservation Districts. At the Department of Environmental Protection, we have developed beneficial professional relationships with the individuals reviewing the proposed Erosion & Sedimentation (E&S) Control Plans and staying up-to-date on the latest E&S regulations and design techniques.

Chester County Erosion Control Design Services

Previous Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan Projects

The Crane Tract is a 573 Unit Townhouse, Single-Family, and Apartment Subdivision located in West Caln Township, PA.

The design included the preparation of construction documents and calculations for:

  • 15 dedicated roadways with all site infrastructure to provide utility service to the development
  • Six above-ground infiltration basins and one underground pipe storage infiltration facility
  • Lot grading for the proposed buildings
  • A five-mile waterline and sanitary sewer force main to extend public utility service to the development
  • The site’s entrance onto a state highway with the intent of acquiring a Highway Occupancy Permit
  • Phasing drawings, explicitly indicating the improvements to be constructed during the four phases of the development.

Dash Enterprises Auto Dealership

This 28,600 square foot Auto Dealership located in West Goshen Township, Chester County, included a super silt fence, a temporary diversion swale, inlet protection, and erosion control blanket, and a sediment basin.

Whitegate Farms Subdivision

Whitegate Farms Subdivision is a 69 lot residential subdivision in which we prepared grading permit plans for all the individual building permits. Project site plans included a typical on-lot erosion control layout, including 18 to 30-inch silt fencing around the perimeter of each lot, topsoil stockpiling, rock construction entrance, and construction sequencing.