Building Addition Plans

Building addition plans are required by municipalities when looking to develop a single parcel of ground.  This would include building an addition to an existing dwelling or any other structure on a previously approved lot.  Building addition plans typically show important details such as existing features, topography, utilities, and existing property lines as well as the items being proposed.

Depending on the size of the project and overall disturbance area, typically an individual would need a survey of the property, architectural plans for their proposed structures, and often stormwater management design to control additional runoff generated by the proposed structures.  In some cases, the individual may need to obtain sewer and water permit approvals from applicable governing agencies.

Building Addition Plans Chester County

D.L. Howell provides building addition plan services not only to large development companies but individual property owners looking to build an addition.  We are knowledgeable and experienced in the requirements necessary to obtain permits from any municipality and have spent years building relationships with all governing agencies, which can expedite the process and help alleviate unnecessary headaches for the applicant.