Many cities and towns are designed with some sort of stormwater controls in mind to convey runoff from the streets to the nearby waterways. Now, we are discovering that with the increased development of the land around us, the existing infrastructure that we rely on to prevent flooding in our cities and neighborhoods are becoming overwhelmed. In some older cities, the storm and sanitary systems are run through the same pipes. This becomes a problem when we receive large storm events that the combined sewer system can no longer handle, which results in the untreated stormwater and sanitary sewage needing to be released into the surrounding waterways.

Last year, Philadelphia, a city which still uses this kind of sewer system, installed two large retention basins to collect runoff from nearby businesses to reduce the amount being conveyed to the existing municipal systems. This, in turn, will reduce the need to open the pipes to the local waterways to relieve the pressure on the system and help prevent pollution to the environment. To construct these systems and maintain the existing infrastructure, many Townships and Boroughs are implementing fees for the maintenance and construction of the stormwater management infrastructure. The fee amount for each property owner is usually decided on a Township/Borough basis and calculated by the amount of impervious coverage that is on the lot. This fee will have more of an impact on businesses as they tend to have a much larger amount of impervious surfaces than the average homeowner.

Along with the stormwater fee, all Townships and Boroughs require the use of a stormwater management system to handle the runoff of any new improvements proposed to a property. At D.L. Howell & Associates, our Engineers and Designers are well versed in the design of these stormwater management systems whether they are for a small addition to your house or large basins for new development.

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