Dark, cold, dirty, and possibly filled with dangerous gases, it sounds like a fun place to be, right? Crawling into pipe structures, whether for water, stormwater, or sewer, sounds like a nightmare. Thankfully pipe inspection crawlers have significantly reduced and in some cases eliminated the need for people to enter these areas. Additional safety is not the only benefit of pipe inspection crawlers, though. They can identify and analyze structural flaws or collapses, examine post-construction pipe installation, find blockages, locate buried structures like manholes that are not visible above ground, and even be used to catalog the health of pipe infrastructure over the years.

Determining pipe health is crucial for being reactive to issues and proactive in avoiding problems in the future. Sending a pipe inspection crawler through a pipe can provide a wealth of knowledge and data for water, stormwater, or sewer system. Instead of digging up the entire pipe to find exactly where it is compromised, a pipe crawler can help identify the specific pipe segment that needs replacing without the need for any extra digging. On the flip side of it, though, if the pipe crawler does not find any issues requiring an immediate fix, it is still collecting valuable data, such as pipe incline/decline, length, depth, water levels, amount of sediment in the pipe, and the pipe’s current condition. This info can be used to verify if the pipe was properly installed, if it requires a jetting to remove any sediment or roots in the pipe, and how well the pipe has held up over the years. Finding out the current condition can provide you with a possible expected lifetime for the pipe as well, letting you know when you could expect to need to replace it.

Recently D.L. Howell & Associates has been using our pipe crawler to check on conditions of pipes to help determine the possible cause of sinkholes, locate the compromised pipe, note the health of an existing pipe infrastructure to tie into, and help find out the slope of a pipe for the controlling factor of flow. Though this the just the tip of the iceberg of its capabilities, if you or anyone you know needs help identifying issues with a current pipe system, performing a routine check of a pipe’s health, or maybe even some Civil Engineering or Land Surveying work, please feel free to reach out. We would be glad to assist! We can perform CCTV pipe inspection of pipes 6” to 96” and provide a cost-friendly quote ASAP to our customers!

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