DL Howell has been contracted by the Westover Companies for site design for leasing offices and fitness centers at their apartment complexes in Pennsylvania and Delaware. The Westover Companies is headquartered in King of Prussia and was founded in 1965. Since then they have grown to own approximately 12,000 apartments in counties throughout the Philadelphia region including; South Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. They provide their residents with comfortable and affordable choices in apartment living including convenience to public transportation. While most of their apartment complexes are existing, they continue to follow the industry to provide their residents with the most current amenities. The latest trend is providing residents with a standalone rental office with an attached fitness center. They plan these buildings close to a pool or central location within the complex. This provides residents the convenience of a fitness center included with the rent which eliminates the need to drive elsewhere. The leasing office also provides a convenient location to conduct apartment business while offering new residents a private place to meet and evaluate the complex. The latest trend is to provide a secure area within the office for delivered packages. A locker with a code is provided to the resident when a package arrives. They can pick it up 24 hours a day without relying on the office manager to be there or having the package left in the open.

DL Howell has designed five of these buildings within the past year and has just been awarded five more. The challenge with designing these buildings is fitting them within existing site constraints so we work closely with Westover Companies and their Architect, C E Hough. We layout the building to maximize visibility, design parking, handicapped accessibility, utility connections and storm water management. We also work with the Township, Government agencies and Utility companies to secure all the necessary permits for approval. Depending on each Municipality and area of disturbance, approvals range from Land Development to just a simple Grading Permit meaning the difference between several months and several weeks. The Westover Companies rely on DL Howell’s expertise for engineering and approving these buildings in a timely manner and we appreciate their trust and look forward to five more successful projects.