After months of working through West Goshen Township, TruMark Financial finally received Final Land Development Approval. The project began to take shape back in August of 2019 when E Kahn Development asked D.L. Howell to start sketching a bank pad on the site. The property is located on the corner of E. Market and S. Bolmar Streets and is the former location of the Autohaus used car dealership and detailing center. D.L. Howell prepared several different sketches until TruMark Financial showed an interest in the location. Once onboard, the sketch was refined to meet the client’s needs and the design process began.

D.L. Howell worked closely with the project team, including E Kahn Development, Riley Riper Hollin and Colagreco Attorneys, KSM Architects, and Heinrich & Klein Traffic Engineers to obtain approval from West Goshen Township Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Some of the challenges with the project were redeveloping a small parcel located on a busy corner. This involved securing a variance for the bank sign and obtaining Conditional Use for the bank use. Other challenges were the addition of perimeter sidewalk, including ADA compliant ramps where none existed before. D.L. Howell also designed a small rain garden and underground detention basin to manage stormwater and added some green areas on a site that was previously 100% impervious coverage. The bank also agreed to design the roof to support future solar panels.

The Township Board of Supervisors granted final approval for the project at their June meeting and construction is scheduled to begin mid-summer. D.L. Howell is proud to be involved with another redevelopment project within West Goshen Township and along E. Market Street.