At the culmination of months of work and planning, we find ourselves on a cool winter’s night at the municipal building to ‘showcase’ our work for the seal of approval. But why in the evening? Why not during the day?

After doing a little research it seems that Pennsylvania may be in the minority with the night meeting. Many of the municipalities I researched have at least some of their meetings during the day (5 PM or earlier) including Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Greensboro, North Carolina; Roanoke County, Virginia; Tallahassee, Florida; San Francisco, California; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

So what are the benefits of night meetings? The most obvious reason is that night meetings allow for easier access to the public since the majority of the population works during the day. With that being said, it is 2017 and many municipalities allow public access to meeting minutes and agendas through the internet. When there is something on the agenda that a member of the public feels the need to attend, then they make arrangements to attend just as someone who works and evening or night shift.

The benefits of day meetings allow for those that do need to attend the meeting be home at night to attend Junior’s basketball game or little Sally’s dance recital. Day time meetings also benefit the municipality since they would not have to “keep the lights on” for the extended hours after the typical day is over. Maybe the day meetings would also keep some of the complainers at home, you know the one that has a comment on everything.

What do you think?