Have you ever looked at a pile of soil, stone, or mulch and thought, “That’s probably like X wheel barrels full.” Or “That’s probably about 10 yards.” Well, guess what!? Your guessing is OVER! So, Howell’s drone program gets mentioned ad nauseam in our Newsletters, but there’s one service we offer that doesn’t get mentioned all that much, and that’s our Cut and Fill Analysis. We can do it on mounds of material such as soil, stone, or mulch. After a simple drone flight, we can analyze the volume of features on your map that have relevant 3D dimensionality. We can provide a rough estimate for the area, cut, fill, and net volume of the pile. Below are some examples of the work we at Howell can do for you!

Pile 1

Area: 0.82 acres
Material Volume: 21796.57 y³

Pile 2

Area: 4918.25 ft²
Material Volume: 1463.68 y³