Do you have a boss? Have you ever worked a long workday? Then you need an ice-cold beer to wind down after those long days. What better way to enjoy that beer than with a group of good people that work in the same industry as you?

The Chester County Commercial Industrial Investment Council (CII Council) is a membership organization for professionals involved in commercial and industrial real estate in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The group is not-for-profit and works closely with the Chester County Economic Development Council. This past Thursday CII Council held their end of the summer happy hour at Chop House in Exton. These happy hours are a great way to meet and build relationships with people in our industry. CII Council also holds monthly breakfast meetings. Visit their website to learn more and join a great organization.

Another great organization is Chester County Engineers (CCE). CCE was formed in 2006 by Denny L. Howell II P.E. to promote excellence, encourage cooperation with reviewing agencies and create educational opportunities among the civil engineers in Chester County and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. CCE holds monthly meetings to go over leading topics in the land development industry. The meetings are usually held in the mornings and more educational than CII Council’s happy hours. So, beer is not usually present. However, you can bring a beer or two; I’d respect it. Please visit the CCE website to learn more.

Go Birds and Roll Tide,

Sam Wilson