It’s that time of year again…

It’s that time of year again when D.L. Howell starts to receive a lot of phone calls about stormwater inspections. Maybe it’s because the grass starts getting greener, maybe it’s because of the heavy spring rainstorms, or maybe it’s because certain townships send out inspection notices to property owners in March. Who knows but regardless, spring is definitely a good time to inspect your system after a long winter and to make sure it will continue to function through the rainy days of summer.

Whether it is a newer stormwater system that is required to be inspected every year by the local municipality, or an old basin that has been in your community for over 30 years, hiring D.L .Howell to perform a simple inspection of the basic components is a good idea. While most communities have existed for a long time without ever even thinking about their stormwater basin, with all the new regulations and focus on runoff issues, many homeowners associations are trying to be pro-active and are willing to spend a little bit of money each year to potentially avoid a major costly remediation project down the road. A simple inspection can consist of a few hours on site, visually inspecting the condition of the basin, and then a couple hours back in the office preparing an inspection report including site photos and maintenance and repair recommendations. Nine times out of ten, most of the recommendations are relatively minor maintenance items, such as removing leaves and debris from storm outfalls, or clearing invasive species from the basin bottom, but occasionally a more major problem can be caught before it leads to a very costly issue.

So whether you’re a builder installing a new Stormwater BMP, a single family homeowner with an on-lot facility, or a property owner in a community with an HOA, just stop and think for a second, when was the last time a professional engineer has inspected our system. If it’s been a while, just us a call at 610-918-9002, and we can schedule a visit.