Here at DL Howell, we strive to provide the best engineering while utilizing current technology to obtain the most accurate information and offer our clients clear deliverables. We pride ourselves in providing accurate photogrammetry and pipe crawler video (through DLHVIEW), which allow others to better understand the design aspects that we at DLHowell encounter every day. Most recently, we have added a time lapse camera to our fleet of image capturing devices. Though this is not new technology by any means, it provides our clients with useful information regarding the progress of their project, which, most importantly, cannot be seen through a site visit. It allows for our clients to view days of information and construction progress in just minutes. Using a custom mount and bracket designed by our team, we are able to set up our camera for up to a week at a time and at elevations high above the ground for a somewhat of a birds-eye view.  

Below is a time lapse of the Red Clay Manor Project in Kennett Square. During this time, sanitary pipe was installed.

We are excited to use our time lapse camera on your next project! Give us a call.