Bentley Homes’ Pemberton Townhouse Development breaks ground on Phase II.  With the southern half of the New Garden Township site built out, Bentley is pushing forward with construction North of the existing stream segment bisecting the property.  DL Howell continues to stay involved by assisting the well known Chester County based custom home builder with post construction field changes to further enhance the site aesthetics.  At present, those field changes include the design of an extensive landscape berm to be installed along the northern property line creating a private, secluded enclave for residents making their home on the northern portion of the development site.  DLH is working closely with the project Landscape Architect and Chester County Conservation District on re-review of the proposed plan changes which are minor but will contribute greatly to the livability of the community. 

Minor changes to approved Land Development plans is a common occurrence in our industry and when required, need to happen very quickly to keep the overall buildout program moving.  Engineers, Designers, Landscape Architects and site contractors need to be quick on their feet if they want to stay in the game and keep their Clients smiling.  Communication is the key and although the younger generation may opt to correspond via email, often times picking up the phone and speaking to a regulator “live” is the quickest way from A to B.