Buckle up and get ready to have some knowledge directed your way! Here at DL Howell, we do things a little differently. Come with me as I take you through an exciting and thrilling situation at New Garden Township which was the result of some cosmic waves and some pretty knowledgeable people making the best of out of a different situation. There are two aspects of the review process. Getting the township on board and meeting technical design requirements. You can have the Tesla of land development designs but get turned down because grumpy old man Jenkins feels like the noise is going to keep him up, even though he can barely hear the board member through his hearing aid, shouting across the room telling him he has an excellent point. Which leaves you scratching your head like a New York Giants fans after their number 6 overall draft pick went to Daniel Jones, the former QB of a powerhouse football program, the Duke Blue Devils. However, when township meetings go well it is a win-win for everyone. To help facilitate this, I motion all meetings shall be held outside when the temperature is 65 and sunny.

We are currently assisting our client, DE Storage, through the approval process of a by-right plan located on a 10-acre site in New Garden Township. DE Storage proposes to construct four self-storage facilities and an office. This past week the final land development plans received a recommendation from the Planning Commission as the members sat around a picnic table while we presented the plans at the first ever outside Planning Commission meeting. There was a mix-up and the township building was locked with no way of getting the keys any time soon. While we were all standing outside some ideas were tossed around such as throwing a rock through the window, so the cops would show up and let us in. Eventually, from the resourcefulness and innovative thinking of DL Howell and New Garden Township, we settled on the idea of using the picnic table outside. Eventually, we gave our presentation with the proposed site across the street as our beautiful backdrop, which I believe assisted in a quick rubber stamp. Here at DL Howell, we’ll have meetings in the rain, snow, or shine to get the proper approvals we need to get your job started and completed as quickly as possible! So, if you need someone to get your proposed project completed give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!