Yes, you do if you own a farm in Pennsylvania that applies manure or agricultural process wastewater to the land. If you don’t mechanically apply the manure yourself, it is still required if your farm contains pastures or Animal Concentration Areas (ACAs).

A pasture is defined as an area of land used for grazing animals while maintaining dense vegetation during the growing season. An ACA, aka Animal Heavy Use Area, is defined as an area of land used for grazing animals that do not maintain dense vegetation. These areas would include barnyards, feedlots, loafing areas and exercise lots. It is very important that you properly differentiate the two because the ACA requires that you fill out additional forms as part of the Manure Management Plan (MMP) and requires that you propose a method to divert clean water around the ACA. In addition, you may have to implement a Best Management Practice (BMP) downstream of the ACA to prevent pollution of nearby streams.

A Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) is required in lieu of the MMP if the animal density on your farm is substantial. The density calculation takes into account the maximum number, type, and weight of all animals that are on the property for any given year. Due to its complexity, an NMP will have to be prepared by a Certified Nutrient Management Specialist.

The MMP will have to be submitted to your local County Conservation District for approval and will have to be kept at the farm at all times in case a representative from the county or state visits. Unlike the NMP, a certified specialist is not required to prepare an MMP, which means that you can do it yourself. If you don’t have time or prefer not to prepare it yourself, feel free to contact DL Howell. We will gladly prepare a Manure Management Plan so that your farm complies with the state’s regulations.