Recently, many of you received a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) regarding the reissuance of the PAG-02 NPDES General Permit.  This letter has prompted many phone calls to our office from clients asking- What does this mean?, Do I need to do anything?, Why did I receive this letter?  As of December 8, 2019, the terms and conditions of your NPDES Permit coverage have changed.  Here are the major focus points you need to be aware of:

You received this letter because you currently have coverage under the PAG-02 General NPDES Permit

NPDES Renewals/New Applications

    • still have to submit for a renewal 180 days prior to permit expiration
    • permits will only be renewed until 12/7/2024
    • new permits will only be valid until 12/7/2024
    • there will be new renewal process after that
    • all new permits will be subject to the new guidance
    • if in an Impaired Watershed
        • ABACT BMP’s will need to be implemented if any additional earth disturbance is proposed throughout the life of the project
        • For TMDL streams option for non-discharge alternative OR ABACT
  • Site Inspection Report Form will need to be used when doing site inspections (for Engineers or qualified professionals)
  • Instrument Filing is needed at time of NOT and also at time of Permit Transfer (if applicable)
  • “Modules” will need to be completed and included with NOI submission
  • NOI for General NPDES and a different NOI for Individual NPDES
  • New County and Municipal Land Use notifications forms have been created

If current permittees are unable to comply with the terms of the new 2019 General Permit they are to submit an Individual NPDES Permit application by March 9, 2020.  This is determined based on the Acknowledgement form, which is to be completed and returned to DEP (or completed online) by March 9, 2020.

We encourage you to contact your regional PA DEP office, local Conservation District, or civil engineering firm to help aid in answering specific questions and concerns you may have.

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