Construction is nearing completion in the rolling hills of West Pikeland Township. Edward Theurkauf, a local landscape architect, employed the services of DL Howell & Associates to prepare site plans for the construction of a single-family home. We always enjoy collaborating with landscape architects and other complementary professions in our industry to create an efficient design that highlights the strengths in each of our fields.

Although it is just a single-family home, the project is located in a High Quality-watershed and proposed over one (1) acre of disturbance, which required it to obtain an Individual NPDES permit. As such, this project was required to adhere to more rigorous standards that are typically needed for a small residential project.

With Mr. Theurkauf we integrated not only common stormwater management best management practices like underground infiltration beds but also included minimalist techniques such as meadow plantings that help to preserve the natural environment and landscape. The home fits perfectly in a lot that is surrounded by acres and acres of protected lands that embody the ideal image of a nature lover’s countryside.

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