I get asked this question nearly every day. “Hey Den, how are you doing? You guys busy? ” I always give my stock answer ” yeh, we are hanging in there, things seem to be moving along”. I have answered this question about the same for the last 17.8333 years in business. But the follow up question is the one that has recently changed. “What are you busy with, mostly residential? commercial? ” No, I am busy with Pot! WHAT? Actually, I am not that busy with pot, but it is coming. Although Governor Wolf is cool (not Fonzie cool, but temperature cool) to the idea of legalized marijuana, he did sign a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the state nearly a year ago. We are already seeing municipalities scramble to change zoning ordinances to allow for the growing and processing of medical marijuana facilities. As well they should, so as not to be caught up in a “fair share” type challenge to their ordinances. Last week Aston Township voted unanimously to change their zoning ordinance to allow medical marijuana facilities in their limited industrial districts. To some residents surprise, many voiced support for a medical marijuana facility while critics fear allowing these facilities will simply lead to the legalization of recreational marijuana. Over the years we have watched municipalities scramble to re-write ordinances to convert Wawa convenience stores to allow gas, allow lighted bill board signs and none of us will ever forget the fun that was had with the cell towers. I was at a township, that shall remain nameless, until 2:30 am once listening to unhappy residents about a cell tower so I can only imagine how much fun pot stores will be. If they do actually happen though I have the perfect landscape architect to team up with, who also shall remain nameless! Anyway, by the time recreational marijuana is legalized in PA I will be too old for 2:30 am meetings, they will be something my son can enjoy!