Large projects can take quite a long time to build. Some of our smaller projects may only last a few months or even a year, while other larger projects could last multiple years. Many things happen on the jobsite during that time, such as earthmoving, stormwater management, and road and foundation construction.

Keeping track of all of the jobsite changes over time can be difficult. The limiting factors are what you’re able to see from the ground and the time that a construction site manager may have to take photos of the jobsite for record-keeping. Jobsite construction processes and documentation is now becoming a lot easier with the use of D.L. Howell drone services to document your project.

In the example project below, D.L. Howell & Associates has been keeping records of the construction progress by flying the jobsite on a monthly basis. The jobsite images are always captured at the same altitude using the same flight plan every time. This provides the construction company with a standardized set of images of the construction site on specific dates.

Construction companies utilize these images to check their project jobsite to make sure the job is moving along at the scheduled pace. These images also provide information about assets in the field as well as construction material location.

During the construction process, volumes of topsoil stockpiles can be calculated for a better understanding of the amount of dirt that has been moved or still needs to be moved. Also, the images can provide information about on-site stormwater facilities, assisting contractors and designers in making sure that volumes are correct and stormwater facilities are designed correctly.

Below you’ll find a quick one minute video of all of the images that were captured over the last two years showing the image and date of the program’s flight. This will give you an idea of how the jobsite progresses over a two-year period.

Below the video are the actual images of the jobsite for you to click on in view.

If you feel that D.L. Howell & Associates can assist you with your construction project utilizing our professional drone services, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project needs.