I saw the light at the end of the tunnel from Day 1 of this statewide quarantine. This is one of my (many) flaws. I always think I can see things coming. What I couldn’t see was that the light kept getting farther and farther away, and the more I thought I saw, the more I realized what I did not see. I said… ”don’t worry, this will only be a week.” Then I said, “don’t worry, one more week and we will be back to work.” Now I am saying… ”one more month and we hope to start getting back to normal.” What I realize now is what I was seeing was my foolish optimism getting the very best of me and NOT a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t even think I knew what kind of tunnel I was in to be honest. But, as always, when we truly have something to look back on, it improves our ability to see things looking forward. After all, that is what our life experiences are all about. A month ago, my look back was… we have never quarantined or been told to close before, so this simply can’t happen. Well, it happened. We adjusted, like most everyone did, whether we wanted to or not. Now, almost four weeks later, our look back is much different, and my look forward is different as well. Don’t worry, I am not going to get all foo foo and say I can see a light at the end of the tunnel because we are so resilient or because a dozen actors have all told us that “ we shouldn’t worry, we are all in this together” from their mansions. I frankly cannot stand that crap. But what I do want to say, which is remarkable and a harbinger of what is coming, is that this last month has been a very busy one, all things considered. I have had many colleagues, regulators, engineers and site contractors call me and say, in kind of a nervous, afraid to ask tone, how are things going Denny? Like they were afraid I would say that things have turned off or work has stopped etc. Quite the contrary, actually. Our (forwarded) phones have rung pretty steadily throughout the last four weeks. We have sent out many proposals and many have come back signed and ready. We have spoken to many clients, had many conference calls and more ZOOM meetings than I care to share. Even more incredible, clients are paying in this economic climate. What an amazing testament to the great clients that we have and how fortunate we are that they support us. And that is the light I can see. The work, the activity, things happening and planning continuing. No, life is not really normal at the moment and watching the morons on the news can make anyone go jump off a bridge, but it will be back. It is on its way back and we are ready for it, in more ways than one.