Howell Surveying is expanding into Lancaster County. This is the fourth project now, and more are coming. We are on-site here at Turkey Hill 325 on Centreville Road, just off Route 30. The project started with the demo of the existing office building and parking lot to make way for the new store and gas pumps. The site work with Hershey Excavating has been going on for about eight weeks and as you can see, the project is moving along great. We are also doing the building work for Horst Construction, who is installing the steel for the main building and we are on-site staking the gas island canopy and fuel tank pad.

Construction stakeout is a critical step in ensuring the success of any construction project. Our experienced land surveyors perform construction staking and site layout prior to the start of a project to guarantee accurate results and a smooth transition from planning to construction. We work closely with the client and site improvement contractor, ensuring a smooth workflow with no delays.