It’s the wonderful time of year again when the traffic gets heavier and the weather gets colder.  It’s Christmas time!  It’s that time where everyone loves to give presents to make everyone happy and if you have a special someone who is an engineer that you would like to treat, here are a few gift ideas for them.

Novelty Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good novelty gift?  A t-shirt that says “World’s Best Engineer” or a coffee mug that has some sort of equation on it.  You could even a get shot glass with E=mc² for those long days working in the office.

Desk Decor

Anything personalized for the desk is always a good idea.  A nice name plate stand with a pencil holder attached or a vintage looking lamp.  You could even get a little creative and get a replica bobblehead made for that person.

Wall Art

There are many different ideas regarding what can be hung up on the wall.  To start, you can look at getting some sort of clock for the office.  It can be someone’s favorite sports team themed or just a plain old white and black clock.  Another idea is to get a motivational quote framed from one of the great engineers.  One out of the box ideas would be to find an original plan from where your engineer grew up at and get it framed for them.

Grilling Gear

Let’s be honest, almost everyone loves to grill and why not get them an engineered themed grill set.  Along with that you can get a cooking apron that says, “Trust me, I’m an engineer”.  There are all sorts of things out there like engineering cutting boards or burger molds for shaping the meat into bolts and such.

So, while you’re spreading holiday cheer to everyone, don’t forget to spoil your favorite engineer with one of these gifts!  Happy Holidays from everyone here at DL Howell & Associates!