Earlier this month, on a cold snowy Friday, DL Howell and Associates was lucky enough to be invited by Bentley Homes and Kennett High School to meet with a group of STEM students to discuss engineering and the new drone technology being used by our engineers and surveyors.  The students, who are all taking Intro to Engineering classes at Kennett, were taken through the Stonehouse community which is currently under construction across the street from the High School.  Tom Bentley of Bentley Homes spoke about the design and construction process and gave the students an in-depth tour of the homes and the site.  At the conclusion of the tour, Dave Gibbons and Amanda Schneider of DL Howell were able to show off the various types of drones and explain their uses, the rules of flying, and also some of the other exciting features that have been introduced to drones in the past couple of years.  And while the students (and adults) were excited to see the drones in person and hear about their functions, what everyone really wanted to see was the drone fly.  So I’ll tell you that 14 degrees and snowing aren’t really recommended for drones but not wanting to disappoint, a quick flight demonstration in the driveway made for a great ending to their day.

Here are a couple of news articles that featured the students visit to Stonehouse:


Daily Local

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