Since April 1st I have been a new edition to the DL Howell Team.  I am currently a Drexel student on my first Co-op.  For those who are and were Drexel students, you understand the difficulty of working in a professional office for the first time.  While it is very challenging and tedious, it is interesting.  Every day I end up learning a new AUTOCAD technique, site layout efficiency, grading, pipe sizing, and even some stormwater design.  In order to further broaden my horizons (and become more useful), I took and passed my Remote Pilot Exam, allowing me to fly the DL Howell drone.  For those who don’t know, the drone has allowed for certain steps of the land development process to be more streamlined and visually appealing.  On the technical side, the drone can be used to reduce the time spent in the field without a reduction in the accuracy of the survey.  The drone collects a combination of a GPS signal and many pictures (typically a few hundred), and along with some office work, a survey (also called an EX in the world of DL Howell) can be created.

Since I have already bored you enough talking about myself and drone surveying, let’s get to the cool part of the drone.  In addition to the accurate birds-eye view photos, panoramic photos can be generated allowing us to show clients pictures of their property making them happy which makes the rest of the team (even Dave Gibbons) happy.  Considering the strides that drone technology has made in the past five years, maybe by the time I am out of college every project we tackle will utilize the drone.

3D Drone View of the Site!