After months of working through West Chester Borough, West Chester Orthodontics received Preliminary Approval. The project was first envisioned in February of 2021 when CIVITAS Architects contacted DL Howell to inquire about a property located at 501 Hannum Avenue. DL Howell had prepared plans for the previous owner and had a long history with the property. The new owner, Dr. Christine Ferrell, was looking for a property in the Borough to relocate her practice, and 501 Hannum Avenue was the perfect location. DL Howell prepared numerous sketches in conjunction with the Architect, Agnes Kan, and created a plan that satisfied all the requirements.

DL Howell worked closely with the project team, including CIVITAS Architects, Brian Nagle, Project Attorney, Frank Tavani, Traffic Engineer, Patrick Stuart, Landscape Architect and Frank Pancoast, Builder, to finalize plans and begin the approval process with West Chester Borough. Since the site is traversed by a creek and located on a State Highway, there were many challenges for redevelopment. The placement of the structure required a Variance from the Zoning Hearing Board for building setback and a reduction in parking spaces. Other challenges included coordination with the Borough and the streambank revitalization project for Taylors Run Creek. This required the removal of trash, debris and fallen trees that obstructed the stream flow. Lastly, drainage improvements were required for inefficient inlets and damaged storm pipe within the PADOT Right-of-Way on Hannum Avenue.

In working with the Borough staff and Planning Commission, DL Howell coordinated their efforts to design an underground stormwater management and infiltration facility. They also worked to design a decorative screening wall with fencing and landscaping along Hannum Avenue and West Washington Street. This also required the installation of new sidewalks, streetlights, and ADA-compliant crosswalks along the street frontage. In addition to infrastructure, the project Architect also worked closely with the Borough to develop the elevations, building fa├žade and materials that face Hannum Avenue.

Now that all the challenges have been finalized, the project is being approved by the Borough and construction should commence in mid-summer. Dr. Ferrell and her practice are excited to relocate within the Borough to a new building in a prime location. DL Howell is thankful to be involved with this project and wishes West Chester Orthodontics much success.