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The Kendal Property

The Kendal at Longwood Campus is currently constructing 48 new cottages within their 115 acre campus located in Kennett Township, Chester County. The cottages have been design and are being constructed to LEED standards. Ten cottages will be LEED Silver and the rest will be LEED Gold Certified. D. L. Howell provided all Civil Engineering services for the major technical design components of the project during the approval process, including: layout of buildings, curbing, parking, paving, site grading, erosion controls and stormwater management. As well as overall site utility design including water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer. DLH secured all regulatory permits required to construct project including PADEP, PADOT, CCCD and approval from the local municipality.

During construction, DLH was heavily involved with the site superintendent, Kendal Corporation, the site contractor and the project Architect providing immediate on-call construction support, response to construction questions and conflicts, and engineering analysis and design services to accommodate field changes. DLH also provides on-going Best Management Practice (BMP) construction oversight, as required by the NPDES permit for the site and the PA Code Chapter 102 regulations, to document the installation of the stormwater BMP measures.

The Cottages are scheduled to be completed for occupancy in the fall of 2012.

Check out the Kendal at Longwood Cottages for more information - http://kcc.kendal.org/features/NewKendalatLongwoodCottages.aspx

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